What Can I Help You With?

Congratulations for being here! You have just completed your yoga teacher training and are looking to start practicing, but you feel like you’re missing the key to creating successful classes and teaching with confidence?

Or are you looking for a little extra inspiration and support before you embark on your journey as a yoga teacher?

I am here for whatever questions you may have and provide you with the tools to create awesome yoga classes and teach with confidence!

the Offers

Let’s Get You To Where You Want To Be

1) Private Yoga Classes

Ideal if you are looking to deepen your own practice and get more insights and direct feedback.

2) 1:1 Coaching Package

Do you want individualised support and feedback on your sequences? Then the coaching is for you!

3) Digital Resources

Do you want to start lightly and learn independently? Then check out my digital resources!

Overview of all the offers

Find The Perfect Fit For You!

1:1 Yoga Coaching

Take Your Yoga Teaching To The Next Level

Learn from someone who has been practicing and teaching yoga in a variety of styles for over a decade.

If you want direct and individual support for a specific issue, the coaching is perfect for you! Whether you want support in deepening your knowledge on alignment of asanas, or whether you want direct and individual support on your class sequences, I got you covered.

Private Yoga Classes

Your place to elevate your yoga practice individually.

The private yoga classes are fully customised to your needs. You decide what, when, how & from where!

Private classes are a great way to focus on your specific needs and wishes. If you are looking to work on particular poses or areas, I guide you there. Choose the option that’s best for you and get all the support YOU need. All levels welcome.

You May Be Wondering….

I offer private yoga classes of 60 minutes. Depending on your availability and needs, you can choose between 45, 60 or 75 minutes. Simply reach out via e-mail to, and we’ll surely find a good fit 🙂

Great question! The 1:1 Coaching Package includes individual coaching call to establish your specific wants and needs. Depending on your wishes, I offer a one-off coaching call, or a package of 4 or 8 calls.

We focus on topics you wish to deepen in your teaching and you get my direct feedback and support.

You know that you want to take your yoga teaching to the next level, but you’re unsure of whether private classes or coaching is right for you?

Feel free to browse my “Digital Resources” to see what might spark your interest. Once you have defined a topic you would like to work on, simply send me an e-mail to, and we will discuss what options is best for you!

Absolutely! And it would me my absolute honour to start you out on your own yoga journey. Whether you’re looking to learn more about yoga history & philosophy, or you’re looking to start your own physical yoga asana practice, or maybe you want to start a meditation routine – I got you covered!

Simply send me a message and tell me what it is you would like support with and I’ll get back to you within 48 hrs.